Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 16-November-2012

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 16-November-2012.


The manuscript of survival – part 224

The manuscript of survival – part 224.

Jesus through John

Here in the spiritual realms — at the level of consciousness that prevails outside your illusory realm — we continue to assist you in your awakening process, constantly.  And I confirm that your awakening is divinely assured.  Release your doubts about it and focus on your powerful inner knowing that this is so. Your long journey home is almost completed and a grand welcome awaits you.  Until you arrive, maintain your course positively and lovingly, knowing that your arrival is imminent.

Life as way-showers and Light-holders is difficult because it seems that so few members of humanity are interested in the spiritual path that all, without exception, are following.  Consequently, you often feel very alone.  Nevertheless, every human is a spiritual being having a bodily experience, and that body, while essential for the journey, is very distracting because it appears to have so many needs that require instant attention.  If…

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Refinements of 5-7D Gaia grids continue at a higher rate. Exponential increases of connections during the 10-7 to 10-12 period are expected. All Light ground operators can expect a sense of upliftment into Higher Realms during this time period.

Those operating from Higher D senses will be operating more fully from 5-7D during the 10-7 to 10-12 period and may experience extended periods of seeming light-headedness. Precise description of this is “Light-headedness”, as Higher D energetics reconfigure (rewire) Hue-man brain electrics.

So-called “normal Earth activities” may require temporary suspension. Inner Earth Light outflow will peak at the 10-10, followed by a leveling, prior to subsequent exponential increase during the 11-1 through 11-12 period.

Dates given are subject to minor adjustment as needed.

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Amen to this!!! Love and Light to All!!! We Are One!

Jesus through John

You are all moving inexorably towards the moment of awakening.  It is to be an event of unimaginable significance because it marks the most remarkable shift in humanity’s awareness as you come to a much greater understanding of the true meaning of Love.  Not the word – which is unremarkable, overused, and also horribly misused – but the power, the all-encompassing Reality that is Love.  It is the container in which all creation exists, and of course It is limitless, without boundaries of any kind – and the word container is used here only because you need some kind of concept or idea in which to place that which is limitless so that you can get a slight intellectual grasp, a vague glimmer of what It is.  But what It is, is really completely beyond your ability to comprehend in any meaningful way. That will change.

Your lack of awareness…

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aisha north

As you have mayhaps already noticed, the air is rife with disquiet and unease, and many of you will feel out of sorts because of the energies swirling about you now. The light is increasing, not in slow and steady increments now, but in intense bursts of energy that will start to transform so much around you. But with it, the denser energies are starting to act up even more. Just as when the tide has turned and the water is being pulled out from the shore, so too the dark ones will be pulled away from yours. But they will not leave voluntarily, and as they are being pushed away from your shores by the ever advancing light, they are using all of their feeble force to kick out in every direction they can. And their outbursts will be felt by many of you. So do not let them…

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Jesus through John

Here in the spiritual realms, where many of you will soon join us, we are watching with pleasure and gratification as you make your way determinedly forwards along the rugged path you have so valiantly hewn that is leading you to Heaven. It has been a long and arduous journey, with many excursionary digressions along the way, and now you have reached its final stages.

You have indeed been stalwart of purpose as, despite the many alluring distractions that have from time to time drawn you away from your path, you have always staunchly and courageously returned to it.  Each time you have steadfastly reset your course after temporarily falling by the wayside, and your undying sense of purpose has provided much needed encouragement to the many waverers whom you have encountered, and who seemed to have lost their way.

No one can really lose their way because everyone always…

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