Riding the Light Energies!

Can you feel “something in the air?


It was always at Christmas-time: a high-pitched tingly effervescence saturated me in its warm glow in the days approaching; on Dec. 26th it always started to fade. Then it would be noticeable again on around Maundy Thursday, during the Passion week leading up to Easter Sunday. Again this unusual and pleasant yet elusive “feeling” would decline just after the holiday, and I was forlorn to feel it “leave.”

My dear spiritual teacher had told me some years ago that during the holy holidays, there was extra love sent to us on Earth from the Divine. And I left it at that. It was many years before these experiences began to make sense.

Lately, to say these “frequencies of light” that I’ve been feeling revved up noticeably is an understatement. Since this past April (Easter-time, come to think of it!) I have begun to feel I am “plugged in” to a cosmic generator, that’s been cranking ever since! I walk around humming, buzzing; my voice and throat feel relaxed with this resonance, and my voice has deepened slightly, and the singing voice is extra clear-toned.:)

Then the May Eclipse occurred brought such strong surges -all pleasant- that I would suddenly need to lie down, and felt like I was floating above the bed. The internal humming, buzzing, tingling, and high-pitched ringing increased with the subsequent Summer Solstice, and then the Venus Transit/Sagittarius Full Moon.

NOW,  I am awaking every day to this incredible churning of energy that I feel all over my body. This feeling declines when I am angry or drop my vibes, and sometimes when I am focused on busy work, but when I meditate or get quiet or alone, later, it all comes flooding back in: instant re-connect.

It is the higher frequencies of the dimension we are moving through. It will keep increasing. This energy is purifying our planet! And if we are still and “listen” deep enough, all of us will feel it.

In this brand new blog, I will share on the topic of “Ascension Symptoms” for the sake of others who are also, in their awakening, experiencing similar effects of these changes, and share some energy postures that are in my mind when I awake each morning, that are helping me to integrate these energies, as I accept  and integrate the activation of my Light Energy Body.

But this is our introduction for now.

Yours in Service from the Heart of One,



About altirastar

I AM the Higher Self Expression of an awakening Lightworker, alive on Gaia right now in the physical, to Shine Love and Light to all, in Service to the Creator, in accordance with the Divine Will and Divine Plan, and to Assist my human Family Envision & Co-Create Our New Loving Paradigm. I Am Here I AM to Assist in the upcoming planetary Event of Our Return to Love! Aware of Cosmic Realities since very young, this writer has been following news of the evolving Earth Changes since June, 1982, when at a young age, personal revelations as to the Nature of Reality were Confirmed. Early spiritual teachers and great inspirations include: Paramahansa Yogananda, Sathya Sai Baba, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary. It has been my great privilege to have "accidentally" and spontaneously encountered and received personal (physically present-bestowed) Blessings/Darshan from many, including: His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Archbishop Reverend Tutu, Chidvilasananda Giri, Mata Amritanandamayi, Dharshan Sing, Pandit Pran Nath, LaMonte Young. All these and numerous other spiritual Masters, Mentors and Guides who are also present and whom have helped me Up the Light Ladder are acknowledged in my heart in deepest gratitude and humility. Staying single, and free, this artistic writer moved alone to New York City to pursue passions in the sacred arts, and succeeded at many fields of endeavor. This journey expanded to Miami and Los Angeles areas, and to include various forms of arts media & production, as the Creative energy was very freely expressed in nurturing environments. Outward expanding, further, lead to a sharing, lecturing and workshops, and then to social network sharing of this Light and Love. Many years of intensive meditation, inner transformation work to raise emotions to unconditional love frequencies, modest lifestyle, vegetarian and alcohol and drug-free living have contributed to the sensitivities which are NOW in Presence seeking to be expressed more Directly on the Divine-Connection Template of the online communities. The intention is to raise spiritual awareness, and bring together communities in Love and Light of the Creator. Gifted in many spiritual arts, and forms of spiritual consultation including: Energy Awareness Healing Yoga; Egyptian Energy Postures; Astrology, mantras, energy lightwork, tarot, dream interpretation, harmonic frequencies, sound meditation, crystal and stone energisation, energy transmutation, Light Activations, visualizations, re-birthing, Self-Empowerment training. Private and Group Consultations and Readings are available online, over the phone, and in person to assist with healing and releasing emotional residues to lift and transmute these frequencies within ourselves to that of unconditional love. If I may be of help, please send me a note! In Service, AltiRa

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